A “Nutty” Time Had By All

We had such a “nutty” time sponsoring one of the biggest local events for the year - Squirrel Fest!

More than 3,000 people gathered in the Longview Civic Circle for music, fun, and games perfect for the whole family. Our favorite activities were the flying squirrel zip line and the Fireworks show off of the Monticello Hotel.

If you stopped by our booth, you would have found candy, tote bags, and the smiling faces of Ken Grams, Chief Credit Officer, and Erik Larsen, Commercial Loan Officer. We were happy to share in the day and thank you for letting us participate and do business in your community.

For those of you who came to our booth with questions about personal accounts, business loans, and home loans, here are a few helpful links:

Hometown Sponsors 2013 Squirrel Fest

The countdown has begun for this year’s Squirrel Fest - just three days away! For those of you not familiar with the festival honoring our furry little friends, here are the answers to the questions you might be asking.

Q: How did the event get started?
A: 50 years ago, a local Longview builder, Amos Peters, noticed that his furry friends did not have a safe place to cross the road. He wanted to provide them a safe passage above the busy street, and so after convincing the Longview City Council, he constructed a 60-foot squirrel bridge out of aluminum pipe and fire hose that hangs in the Civic Circle still to this day.

A one-day festival brings together the community of Longview to hang a new bridge each year, and allows families to enjoy entertainment, vendors, and activities - like the headline band, The Spin Doctors!

Q: Why are we sponsoring this event?
A: We are honored to get to sponsor this year’s Squirrel Fest and we’re even more excited to see you there and say “thank you” for letting us be part of your community!

We’ve been in Longview for 13 years and believe it’s important to invest back and celebrate our community (and that includes our squirrel friends). Getting together at one of the biggest and the best festivals our town has ever seen is one way we can do that.

Q: What’s there?
A: From vendors, to music, to food - anybody can enjoy this festival! Check out the festival schedule on our facebook page.

Q: When is it?
A: August 17, 2013 from 8:00 am (Happy Kids on the Run 5k) to 10:30pm (Fireworks).

You’re Invited to a BBQ!

We love the Longview-Kelso community so much that we are inviting absolutely everyone to a BBQ at our place!

Please bring your friends and family down to Hometown for a great summer day of fun, food and prizes.

  • Join us Thursday, August 1st from 2pm - 6pm for our Summer Customer and Community Appreciation BBQ!
  • The event is located at our Hometown Longview Branch at 970 14th Ave, Longview, WA 98632.

It gets even better...

If you open a Hometown savings account on August 1st, you only need an opening minimum balance of $1 and we are waiving all account fees for three months.

We care so much about the community and it's so important for us to share that with you. We are really looking forward to seeing you here!

Keep your money close to the heart and close at hand when you bank with Hometown National Bank.

How Your Business Can Thrive in THIS Economy

It's takes money to earn money; and if you're a small business owner, you're already more than familiar with that.

If you find yourself strapped for cash to invest in your business to grow your business, consider Hometown for help.

We have an array of commercial loans designed to fit your unique needs. For instance: With tons of great perks and discounts, there's never been a better time to consider an SBA loan. Backed by the government, a Small Business Administration loan often has the lowest rate and the SBA is flexible with approvals if you're just starting out or have experienced struggles in the

An USDA isn't a steak, it's a smart option for farming communities. A U.S. Department of Agriculture loan is a great way to go if you're looking for a larger sum of money (an SBA loan typically addresses modest money needs) and with a USDA loan, you won't have to make any balloon payments.

Moral of the story, there are several options to choose from here at Hometown so give us a call,
stop by or just learn more on our newly designed web site, www.htnbank.com.

Longview goes to the Squirrels

Those who can truly call themselves a part of the Longview community know all about this area's relationship with the squirrel. We've got the bridge, giving stress-free passage to our furry friends, but a festival? Of course!

Hometown National Bank is honored to sponsor this year’s Squirrel Fest. Not only because we love our squirrels (which we do!) but because this year promises to be the biggest and the best festival our town has ever seen.

With nationally-known music talent, kid activities and a variety of food and drink to delight any palate, you'd best circle August 17 right now so you won't miss out on any of it. Hometown will be there, spreading the word about our unbeatable rates and customer service and cheering on local shop owners and restaurants as they display their wares for all to see, hear and taste.

But perhaps the music-lover in us is most excited to enjoy an exciting performance by The Spin Doctors ("Little Miss Can't Be Wrong," "Pocket full of Kryptonite.") So grab the fam, call your friends and meet us down at the Squirrel Fest this summer, August 17 at the Civic Circle.

College Tuition: It’s all in the planning

You can run but you can't hide -- one day you more than likely will have to pay for college.

Whether it's paying for your own education or getting your kids on their way, college tuition is a reality that the sooner you face, the better. But here's the good news: It doesn't have to be painful or scary. No matter if your kids are toddlers or teenagers, Hometown has the tools to help you start saving today.

Right now we're promoting some great advice on our Facebook page; an article (http://www.finaid.org/savings/) on ways you can instantly start saving. Additionally, we have several banking products that can help you build your money over time -- such as our Summit Money Market account or a CD.

A Summit Money Market account has a tiered rate based on your balance amount, customizing how much you can earn each year. A CD has higher earning potential than other accounts and you can manage your account online without any maintanence fees.

Either way, Hometown can help get your bank account college-ready; even if you're not mentally there yet.

New & Improved

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At Hometown we're all a buzz about our new website. With an upgraded design and easy to navigate features, our new site puts our amazing, low rates right on our homepage; letting you know instantly how much you can save. These rates change daily so make sure to log on every day and strike when the iron's hot!

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So check out the new web site and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you!